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Maple syrup producers


Central Appalachian tree syrups are a window into the lives of the diverse communities living in the forested hills of the Appalachian Mountains today and hundreds of years ago. Read More


The resilient forests of Appalachia and the unique soils of the forest floor continue to support the growth of sugar trees today.  The sap of sugar, red, black, and silver maples gift Appalachian communities with a maple syrup that is both rich and complex in flavor. Read More

Modern sap collection
Maple fair



Maple sugaring continues to coexist alongside the region’s growth in the extractive industry to support families during the months of late winter and early spring.  Read More



Maple sugaring technology in Appalachia joins innovation with tradition to reduce the amount of time and labor to produce a maple syrup product, while reserving the rich, more complex flavors of Authentic Appalachia maple syrup. Read More

Mike Rechlin researching new methods for sap collection
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