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Highland Maple
Meet the Maple Producers: Highland Maple, Spruce Knob Maple + Valley Farm Inc.

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Spruce Knob Maple

Spruce Knob Maple is the largest maple producer in the state of West Virginia. For over five generations, the Swartzentruber’s have been making maple syrup and now seven brothers and their dad are keeping the family tradition running strong!

[Our syrup] carries a good maple flavor, and consistently is about the same grade and

taste throughout the season, says Ron Swartzentruber, eldest of the brothers.

It’s fun to see the sugar water turn into sap, says Swartzentruber, who really enjoys the cooking process of syrup making. He attributes the wide variety of flavor in Appalachian maple syrup to the different types of maple found in the Appalachian woods. 


Appalachian woods can carry heavily with sugar maples and it creates the best of both worlds. I would put any of our (Appalachian) syrup up against Vermont syrup. 

—Ron Swartzentruber, Spruce Knob Maple Valley

It doesn't hurt to try it once and we love to hear your feedback from it. 

—Ron Swartzentruber, Spruce Knob Maple Valley

Valley Farm Inc.

Ron Stemple, a bottler, landowner, and producer of over 2,000 gallons per year is the owner of Valley Farm Inc. For over 27 years, Ron has been providing the region with superior maple products. Other maple syrups don't have a robust flavor, lacking a bouquet for the pallette. Our's has got pizazz. That’s simple and fact.

Valley Farm is the second largest maple producer in the state of West Virginia. Partnered with Spruce Knob Maple to form East Highland Maple, one of the bottlers of Authentic Appalachia maple syrup.

Ron follows the tapping guidelines of the North American Maple Syrup Association by working only with trees at least ten inches in diameter. I could stop tomorrow, Ron Stemple

said, But I enjoy doing this.


Maple In the News

Spruce Knob Maple:


Valley Maple, Inc.:

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