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Daniels Maple Syrup is a small, family-owned business and they are tapping trees on the property that was producing syrup over one hundred years ago. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, many families in the Appalachian mountains produced maple syrup for their sweetener and sugar. This is the tradition that Brandon Daniels and his family are carrying on for future generations.

Brandon started his maple journey at the young age of 13 years old. With an interest that peaked at an annual Highland County, VA festival. He began his first maple sugar operation with taps in his own backyard. The results of his endeavors were enough to spark the enthusiasm he needed to continue his family's sugarmaking tradition.

Quality is in the details—Daniels Maple Syrup goes the extra mile, ensuring they are taking care of all the little things that go into making high-quality maple syrup. One of the many ways they do this is through sustainable tapping practices and not over-tapping the trees. ‘The syrup coming from the producers involved are putting more emphasis on producing a quality product.’ From tapping to producing to bottling, Daniels Maple Syrup does it all—and well!


Daniel's Pure Maple Syrup

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