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Authentic Appalachia Maple Syrup

Our Story

Authentic Appalachia is a collective of sugarmakers, forest farmers, educators, researchers, truck drivers, marketing specialists, web designers, grant writers, visionaries, and volunteers from Central Appalachia. Central Appalachia is an important place to all of us. We are natives of Appalachia, newcomers who fell in love and decided to stay, or boomerangs— left a time or two to always return to this place we call “home.” The land we call home supports the growth of native sugar, red, black, and silver maple trees that gift us “sugar water” or sap—the key ingredient for maple syrup. We are proud to share our maple syrup that is deeply rooted in the family tradition and our regional heritage with you and your family.  


Authentic Appalachia maple syrup is tapped in tradition.

Every bottle of Authentic Appalachia maple syrup has a story that begins in the sugarbush of the forested hills of Central Appalachia. Nestled in the forested hills and hollers of the Central Appalachian Mountains, families continue the tradition of “sugaring”. In late winter and early spring, sugarmakers trace the footsteps of their ancestors and follow the knowledge of Native Americans deep inside the forest where sugarmakers reacquaint themselves with the sugarbush every year. Maple trees are tapped, the season’s sap is collected, and the sap is brought to the sugar shack for evaporation. Inside the sugar shack, the sugarmaker skillfully balances the element of heat and time until the sap reaches its final stage of evaporation— a maple syrup that is both rich and complex in flavor.

Authentic Appalachia maple syrup is a slow-craft and small-batch product of Appalachia that honors our regional heritage and sustains a beneficial relationship between the people and the forests of Appalachia. Every purchase of Authentic Appalachia maple syrup invests in the makers, their families, and the forests that support the growth of our sugarbushes where that oh so sweet sugar water runs every spring, and keeps the region’s traditional heritage alive for future generations to enjoy. 

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Your friends,

Authentic Appalachia

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